kid cookingIs mom making pancakes and you’re too hungry to wait?  Offer to help and play these games while you’re at it.  Waiting will be easier because you’re having fun and the food will be ready sooner because you’re helping!

1. One-Handed Pancakes

  • Grab a brother or sister to play this one with you.
  • Stand next to each other and hold hands.
  • One of you must use only your left hand, while the other uses their right.
  • Take turns pouring and flipping pancakes one-handed until all pancakes are cooked.

2. Flipping Opposites

  • Choose a letter of the alphabet.
  • For each pancake that you pour onto the griddle, think of a word that starts with that letter.
  • As you flip each pancake, name the opposite of the word you assigned to it.
  • Part of the challenge is remembering the original word you assigned to that pancake in the first place!
  • After you remove the pancakes from the griddle, choose a different letter of the alphabet and repeat the game all over again!

3. Pancake Stack

  • As you remove pancakes from the griddle, stack them on top of each other and see how high you can make the stack before they fall over.
  • Be sure to leave plenty of clean counter space for pancakes to fall without getting dirty.

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photo credit: Jeffrey Kontur


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