trick or treatFor kids with food allergies, trick or treating can be one of the most scary, dangerous, and disappointing events of the year.  Despite the parents’ best efforts to keep their kids safe without completely excluding them from the fun, emergency rooms see a spike in ER visits on Halloween night due to food allergies.

If you have food allergy kids in your neighborhood, here’s a few things you can do to help:

1. Top 8 Free Candy

Offer a few candy options that are free the top 8 food allergens. Refer to our pinboard for ideas and remember to double check the labels to ensure reduced risk of cross contact during the packaging process.

The added benefit to you is that many of these candies are often less expensive than the traditional, fun-size candy bar.

2. Food Free Treats

Since kids can be allergic to any food, no food is ever “allergy free” for everyone.  Small trinkets, toys, and party favors however are generally safe for kids with food allergies and appreciated by non food allergy parents alike as a fun option that isn’t going to send their kids on a sugar high.  Who said treats had to be edible after all?

Remember to place your teal pumpkin on your porch for all to see that food free treats are available at your home.

3. Separate Bowls

If you plan to offer a mix of candy bars and safe candy or toys, remember to put the safe items in a separate bowl than those that may be dangerous for kids with food allergies.  Sometimes wrappers become loose or torn and can create cross contact risks for those with severe food allergies.

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