Caterers At WorkFood is a major part of any celebration.  But for people with food allergies, the challenge of selecting from salads covered by mysterious dressings, casseroles full of who knows what, or sitting on the sidelines while everyone socializes around the dessert table can be a little unnerving.

So if you’re planning to host a large group of people in the near future, do your food allergic friends a favor and help them feel welcome by adding a fresh fruit tray to your dessert table or fresh vegetable tray among the salads.  As you do so, remember the following tips to keep these additions as hypoallergenic as possible:

  1. Separate each type of fruit or vegetable so they aren’t likely to cross contaminate each other.  Your guests may be able to eat one type of fruit, but not another, so don’t let them touch!
  2. Provide a separate serving utensil for each fruit or vegetable to minimize risk of cross contact, or leave the serving utensils out and offer toothpicks instead.
  3. Serve dips, cheese, nuts, or eggs as far away from the fruit and vegetable trays as possible.  These items are some of the most common food allergens and usually more risky for food allergic people.

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