We are excited today to introduce you to one of our favorite brands: Namaste Foods.


Why?  Because they make life for moms a little bit easier.

When you’re cooking for a family with multiple food allergies, stopping by the deli case on your way out of the grocery store or swinging by the hot ‘n ready pizza joint just aren’t options anymore.  You’ve gotten used to cooking from scratch and yes, it is a way of life but don’t you just miss the days when you could pull out a box of Hamburger Helper and whip something up without having to create every last bit of your meal from scratch?

That’s where Namaste’s quick and easy meals come in handy.  Our only problem with them is we wish they had more!  So in celebration of easy for moms living, we thought we’d share what we made just for this mom tonight.  The kids aren’t big on peppers or tomatoes and that’s okay because you can easily use more kid friendly veggies with this pasta mix like corn and carrots (and for my kids, broccoli).

Really, any veggie will do but I am a sucker for tomatoes with Italian seasonings and we just happened to have the last peppers from our garden calling out my name so I grabbed this box of Pasta Pisavera that Namaste sent for review and whipped it up.


This meal could have totally passed as Vegan, too except that I added a safe-for-us rotisserie chicken (we like to get ours at Costco) that the kids helped me pull apart and add to the dish just before tossing everything with seasoning.

What we liked best about this meal (besides the fact that it only took me 30 minutes to whip up start to finish) was the texture of the noodles.  The texture was so “normal”, I kept (almost) double checking the box to make sure the noodles weren’t made of wheat and the kids were happy that I let them pick around the veggies and eat just the noodles and chicken (which I didn’t feel too guilty about because I knew that there were veggies hidden in the pasta itself) — woot!

Of course, I didn’t actually have to double check the ingredient list because I knew that ALL Namaste products are made in a dedicated top 8 free facility and in addition to being free of all of the top 8 food allergens, there’s also no gluten, potato, corn, preservatives, or GMO’s and Namaste products are made with all natural, real food ingredients.  So what’s not to like?


A few notes on the Pasta Pisavera:

1. The box says it is designed to serve 4 people.  By the time I added the veggies and chicken, this meal would have easily provided a full meal to 6 or 8.

2.  The directions on the back also indicate to add “seasoning packet to taste”.  This is a good tip since even with the veggies and chicken added, my family was happy with about only half of the seasoning packet.  Now we have enough leftover Italian seasoning blend to cook up a whole other meal!

And now, if you haven’t had a chance to try Namaste products for yourself (or you just want to score a few of your pantry essentials for free), you can enter to win the Namaste giveaway below:
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