CostcoWhen I’m out running errands with my kids, the value menus at fast food restaurants save my day.  But now that I have a child with food allergies, I can’t rely on the closest and least expensive option around anymore and figuring out how to get allergy free food in a pinch isn’t that easy. Ideally, I’d just pack food to take with me but often times I’ve only grabbed a few snacks in my hurry out the door and my son needs something more substantial.

Thankfully, Costco has an inexpensive hot dog and soda on their menu that I can safely feed my son when those kinds of needs arise.   At my local Costco, the hot dogs are boiled in water and no oil or other food ingredients are used in the hot dog preparation or cleaning of the equipment used to cook the hot dogs.

And since I’ve already verified the ketchup used in the pumps at my local Costco are top 8 free, I feel confident and empowered ordering a hot dog without the bun and asking for a paper plate and plastic silverware so that I can cut it into toddler-sized pieces for him to dip in ketchup.  The soda pop is the biggest treat for my son and it’s fun to have a little more than a hot dog to offer, all for a bit of pocket change.

Thank you, Costco!

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