Dealing with kids’ food allergies is stressful for everyone including parents, friends, family members, and caregivers of all types.  Thanks to the Kid History crew and our friends at Bored Shorts TV, we now have another way to get a good laugh and relieve some of that stress.

In addition to a good laugh, this video also does a great job of portraying what it feels like to be both a permanent and temporary caregiver of a child with food allergies or other special needs diets.  The video focuses on a good rule of thumb for caregivers to go by… if you don’t know for sure that a food is safe for the child, don’t offer it to them.

In addition, the video also portrays how kids may interpret their own allergies or the allergies of their friends and acquaintances.  While they may not fully understand the risks involved, do they understand the seriousness of them?  What are you doing to educate your children about food allergies and empower them to cope?


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