When my husband and I were first married, we used to make a large batch of hearty pancakes from scratch on the weekends and eat them all week long with peanut butter and jam on them as we were on our way out the door for work.  I grew to love and depend on these quick and hearty breakfasts and the delicious way the warm, melty peanut butter felt in my mouth.

When my son was diagnosed with his food allergies, I knew he would be hungry all the time if I didn’t have something hearty like this on hand to give him on short notice.

So I went to work creating this awesome pancake recipe, using our original recipe from our newlywed days as a guideline.

And now that the recipe is perfected, we make a double batch of these bad boys about once a month and flash freeze them.  My son can now have pancakes for breakfast, pancake sandwiches for lunch (he loves them with sunbutter and jam), or a plain pancake for a snack anytime — sometimes he even likes to eat the pancakes while they are still frozen (silly kid), even though they only take 30 seconds to defrost in the microwave!

Hearty, Fluffy, Gluten Free Pancakes

Rating: 51

Yield: 24 pancakes

Calories per serving: 85

Hearty, Fluffy, Gluten Free Pancakes



  1. Mix together all ingredients.
  2. Let batter rest 10 minutes (this is an important step for proper rise and lift -- don't skip it)
  3. Scoop onto oiled and warmed griddle (A good rule of thumb is to set your griddle about 25 degrees warmer than you would for pancakes made with wheat flour).
  4. Cook until edges begin to shrivel and bottom is slightly brown (be patient with this step, cooking long enough on the first side is key to getting proper lift in your pancake)
  5. Flip each pancake and continue cooking until second side is slightly brown.

Nutrition Information:

85 calories, 3g fat, <1g saturated fat, 0mg cholesterol, 31mg sodium, 14g carbohydrates, 1g dietary fiber, 1.5g sugars, 0.5g protein



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