Have you met the Allermates Crew?

We’ve had the opportunity to meet Iris, Allermates Founder and love her positive energy and spunky spirit.  Not sure what I’m talking about?  Just take a peek at the new Allermates site and see how fun, cute and nutty all the Allermates characters can be!

Iris’ creative characters and individual personalities were an instant hit with my kids.


My 3 year old gasped and said, “oh I love it!” when he first saw the friendly P. Nutty character on the outside of the box (he didn’t even know what was inside yet)! But it didn’t take him long to tear open the box and start going through it.


Once again, he adored the cute character faces as he turned through the pages of the AllerMates Activity and Coloring Booklet. He even begged me to take it with him when we went to pick up his big brother from school that day.

The whole way home from school my 8 year old was giggling in the backseat and commenting as he read the pages: “Oh, I get it!  His name is Eggie for egg allergies and he likes cracking jokes!” I barely walked in the door and put a few things away before turning around to see my 8 year old (who was supposed to be starting on his homework) sitting with pencil in hand, filling out all the activities that his little brother was “too young to do by himself”.


The characters, activities and quizzes are not only engaging and fun for kids, but as I read through the booklet I was impressed with how simply and easily a lot of important information about food allergies was being delivered.


Also, in our package from Allermates, we had a multiple allergy alert bracelet and brightly colored snack bag.


We love how there are interchangeable charms for just about any allergy and medical condition you can think of and we really like how the wristband is adjustable in size and can easily grow with our child.



The oblong shape of the charms allow for a total of 6 charms to fit on the wristband at once, which we actually need for our little guy 🙂


The snack bag and “I have food allergies” sticker badge came in handy just recently when our son had a substitute teacher for his church class and we needed to send his own snack as well as provide some gentle reminders for his teachers to help keep him safe.



The bag was much better quality than we expected and we loved how easy it was to put any kind of food in and clean out later.


What we also liked about the water resistant outer shell was that we have the option to use the bag as an extra layer of protection for his EpiPens or AuviQ’s when we are out on the go and his water bottle could accidentally leak into his backpack (which, unfortunately does happen on occasion).


We’re glad we have people like Iris and the Allermates Crew sharing their creativity with us to help educate our kids and keep them safe with their commitment to high quality products like these!


Don’t forget to enter to win your own prize kit from Allermates (which includes a single alert bracelet of your choice and a small snack bag) below:

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