We had so much fun this week creating fun, allergy friendly, organic Easter treats using Surf Sweets Candies and Pascha Chocolate!


First was the classic, Organic Jelly Bean Bark:

  1. Start by melting 1 bag or 2 bars of chocolate in the microwave (stirring about every 30 seconds) and pour into a lined dish.


2. Next, sprinkle jelly beans and press gently into chocolate.

JBBark23. Let cool completely before removing from pan and breaking into pieces.  If you want the chocolate to firm up quicker, place it in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

For an added bit of fun, try baking the bark inside of a cookie (recipe coming soon)!

Next, we made Organic Easter Candy Baskets:

1. Start again by melting a little bit of chocolate in the microwave (don’t forget to stir every 30 seconds so you don’t overcook it).

2. Next, place half a package of Surf Sweets Watermelon or Peach rings on wax paper and fill centers of each with melted chocolate.  Allow to firm completely (about 15 minutes in the freezer for the speed method).



3. Next, place an empty ring on top of each chocolate filled ring.  Using a twist tie or generic craft wire, create the handle and stick it all the way through the top ring, into the second to secure them together.


4. Fill your baskets with jelly beans.FruitRingBaskets


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