Hey kids!

Did you know that Arthur’s friend, Binky has a peanut allergy?  You can read all about it on the PBS Kids website, along with videos, tips, resources, and other activities for kids, including a peanut allergy quiz!

Go take the quiz to find out how much you know about food allergies, then learn about tips you can tell your friends to help keep you safe.


In all of your exploring, don’t forget to watch the Binky Goes Nuts video.  Many important points are introduced in this short, 13 minute episode, including:

  • Checking labels on all kinds of products
  • Surprising places allergens can be found
  • Cross-contact
  • Different types of symptoms
  • Past reactions do not predict future reactions
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Epinephrine and the importance of carrying it with you at all times
  • Different types of allergies (like peanuts and milk)
  • Finding support from others like you
  • Skin prick tests and blood tests
  • Onset at an older age
  • Reactions at school
  • Nut free tables & other school accommodations
  • Anxiety (of both child & parent)
  • Informing others around you about your allergy to help keep you safe
  • Your responsibility to educate yourself about your allergy(Doctors might not tell you everything you need to know, but give you information to study yourself
  • The benefits of becoming educated about your allergy
  • Empowering children to self manage their allergy
  • A can vs. can’t attitude about food and general allergy management
  • Empowering messages to seek out and find a variety of products, restaurants, and other resources available to people with allergies

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