Team Cookie

Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) announced today the award of a $734,986 research grant furthering the work of Dr. Fred Finkelman, a leading immunologist working on a study aimed to desensitize patients of multiple food allergies at the same time, a study currently involving injections in mice to achieve quick suppression results.

Funding for this and other research is created by private donors, sponsors, and fundraising teams such as Team Cookie, a top fundraising team involved in the 2014 Salt Lake City FARE Walk for Food Allergy this year.

Over 65 Food Allergy Walks are hosted by FARE each year, bringing together over 3,500 teams, 40,000 people, and more than $19 million dollars in donations since they began in 2004.

The 2014 Salt Lake City Walk was held on Saturday, September 6th where first year team captain, Tiffany Rogers, delivered a key note speech sharing many of Team Cookie’s fundraising experiences as well as a personal passion for food allergy research and education.

Team Cookie was recognized as a top fundraising team at the Salt Lake City walk this year, raising over $750 for Food Allergy Research and Education during the past four months.

While $750 may seem like a small amount compared to the $734,986 awarded to Dr. Finkelman today, every penny counts and it is small donations like this that add up to create research furthering funding demonstrated in today’s announcement.  In addition to furthering research, donated funds help accomplish other aspects of FARE’s mission including education, advocacy, and awareness programs.

Walk teams for 2014 will continue to raise funds until the end of the walk season in November.  Visit the official FARE Walk for Food Allergy site to join a team or make a donation today.

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