Imagine a world where 15 million more Americans can safely eat whatever food is served at parties or in restaurants and one less person is sent to the emergency room every three minutes.  A cure for food allergies would not only change the lives of food allergy sufferers and their families, but also change the lives of the millions more people that are affected by the stress of accommodating or caring for people with food allergies like event planners, food manufacturers, restaurant owners, school teachers, day care providers, doctors, and emergency care workers.

We don’t have a cure for food allergies yet, but recent advancements in treatment provide hope and promise for a cure in the future.  In the meantime, educational and awareness programs can help reduce the risk of life-threatening reactions and keep life-saving medication readily available in case of an emergency.

Team Cookie has set a goal to recruit 50 people and raise $5000 for Food Allergy Research and Awareness (FARE) this year.  It may seem like a lofty goal, but with just a little bit of effort on the part of many, this goal is achievable.  Believe it or not, your small contribution can make a significant difference in helping these promises become a reality.

Donate to Team Cookie today or join the team and ask as little as four people you know to donate $10 to your cause.

You don’t have to live near Team Cookie headquarters or attend a fundraising event to be a part of our team.  Find out more about what you can do on the Team Cookie page, then subscribe to our site or join our social network to stay in the loop on future fundraising efforts and events.


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