The Kids With Food Allergies Foundation was one of the first online resources we found as a newly diagnosed family.  Their “getting started” resources helped us make sense of food one day at a time and their online webinars were among the first to help us understand the importance and proper use/storage of epinephrine.


The Kids with Food Allergies Foundation has also recently updated their online recipe database to allow you to search for recipes by allergen or set of allergens.  A resource I so desperately needed when I was quickly thrown into restricting over 17 foods from my diet (while nursing my newly diagnosed baby) including all of the top 8 food allergens, and corn.


We love the work that the Kids With Food Allergies foundation does for our community and we want to give back to help them grow their resources and continue to provide support and outreach to food allergy families!

Please take the time to visit our #Cookies4KFA promotion page and find out what you can do to help support the Kids With Food Allergies Foundation while also entering to win a $120 top 8 allergen free cookie prize pack, designed to help you have fun in the kitchen with your kiddos!

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