Milk AlternativesThe most common milk substitutes for people suffering with a lactose intolerance are typically almond milk or soy milk.  But if you are top 8 free, neither of those alternatives work for you.  Below is a list of other milk alternatives you may consider using.  You can make your own milk substitute or buy it pre-made, but remember when buying milk pre-made to always check the label for cross contamination warnings.

Rice Milk: The most common milk substitute next to soy and almond milk.  This is usually pretty thin, so adding extra thickeners in soups and creamy sauces is advised.  Not a great alternative for those sensitive to brown rice or other whole grains.

Coconut Milk: By far the most creamy, sweet, and delicious milk substitute (In Allergy Cookie’s opinion).  Regular dairy drinkers even enjoy drinking coconut milk straight out of the glass, especially with brownies or cookies.  Because the FDA now groups coconut with tree nuts, talk to your doctor before trying this milk alternative.  We prefer Coconut Dream or So Delicious brands, but you can purchase a whole coconut and make your own, too!

Sunflower Milk:  A great alternative to coconut milk in terms of texture and fat content.  Has more of a nutty taste versus the sweet taste of coconut milk.  Fantastic in soups and cream sauces.  Works on cold cereal, but use only a small amount and add some fruit or sugar for to compensate for the nutty taste.

Hemp Milk: Currently made outside of the United States due to laws restricting the growing of hemp plants.  You can find hemp milk at your local food store.

Flax Milk: Made from flax seeds.  Remember to check the labels closely for cross contamination with other top 8 allergens, as many of the available ready-made products of this variety are labeled with cross contamination warnings.

An additional benefit of coconut milk, sunflower milk, hemp milk, and flax milk is that they are all grain free as well as dairy free!

In our opinion, milk is the simplest ingredient to substitute when first learning how to cook without the top 8 food allergens, as all milk substitutes tend to have a similar end result in baked vegan recipes.  If you are new to food allergies, you can find more tips on replacing common allergy ingredients here.


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