peanutsTwo big announcements have been made recently regarding improving life for people at risk of anaphylaxis due to peanut allergies.

First, Amy Wicker with Allergy Safe Travel who has been working hard to create awareness about the risks of flying with peanut allergies when peanuts are on board, met with airline representatives yesterday presenting a 5-minute video addressing these concerns.

Her video was also released to the general public yesterday.

Addenbrooke’s Hospital of Cambridge also announced last week that they have been finding success in an ongoing study in the United Kingdom.  The study involves feeding allergic patients small doses of peanut flour with meals while being closely monitored for any kind of allergic reaction.  While the study isn’t designed to fully cure or eliminate peanut allergies, it can help patients become more confident eating foods that could contain traces of peanuts.

The original article was published last Thursday in the online journal, Lancet.

UPDATE: Stanford Medicine released an article Friday, explaining how DNA testing could make this immunotherapy treatment even more attractive to some patients, as it might not require them to continue the treatment for the rest of their lives in order to retain their immunity.

Allergy Cookie officially thanks the doctors at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and Amy Wicker for their efforts to help peanut allergy sufferers better avoid the risks of anaphylaxis.  Thank you!


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