grocery shoppingAs the primary grocery shopper for a family with food allergies, you know that buying less common food items for your family to eat can get pretty expensive, making it even more necessary for you to pinch pennies wherever possible.  The good news is, generic brand manufacturers can help you save money but you need to watch these products carefully.

For the product manufacturer, there are two main ways to save money:

  1. Use less ingredients in each product
  2. Use shared equipment and facilities to manufacture products

For families with food allergies, the first can be very beneficial but the second can be devastating.

When it comes to generic brands, a manufacturer’s primary goal is to save as much money as possible, creating the ability to pass on the best possible price to the consumer.  While it’s easy to become frustrated with and ignore generic brands that are often accompanied with the warning “produced on shared equipment using wheat, eggs, nuts…” you’d be surprised how many products are actually free from cross contamination lines, use only a few safe ingredients, and taste good for a great price, too!

So next time you’re reaching for your trusted brand product at the grocery store, take a minute to glance at the labels on the generic brand item and discover which products you could be saving money on today!

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