Food Allergy Action is taking place all over the web this month and there’s a lot you can do to get involved, plus make efforts in your local community!  From giveaways to games and fundraisers, infographics to share and education and outreach opportunities, here’s just a few of our favorites:

  • Grateful Foodie is posting a new piece of wisdom every day… now that’s commitment!  Visit her facebook page to learn more!
  • My Kid’s Food Allergies is hosting an online bingo game!  Don’t worry, it’s not too late to join in on the fun cause they’ve kept a record of all the past squares on their website.  Get your #MKFABingo card here and cross your fingers for some great prizes!
  • Freedible is hosting a new Twitter Party (each with a different theme) every week on Wednesdays at 9 PM ET. RSVP to win prizes, here!
  • Our favorite non-profits: FARE, FAACT, and KFA have provided a host of infographics, action ideas, and other resources on their websites, so be sure to check them out!
  • At Allergy Cookie, we’ve launched some new products for kids, are running a special #Cookies4KFA fundraiser with FOUR amazing prizes, and plan to share more great info with you later this month, so don’t forget to subscribe to our site and join our social network so you don’t miss anything!

Why is all this great stuff happening, you ask?  Because May is Food Allergy Action Month with special dates dedicated to different areas of food allergy:

It’s time to take action!  Here’s what you can do:

  • Prepare (check and renew prescriptions, review action plans with your children and caretakers, etc)
  • Spread awareness (share on social media, school activities, local government proclamations, etc)
  • Give back  (donate to your favorite food allergy non-profit organization)
  • Educate (friends, family, doctors, caretakers, food providers and so many more)

What are you doing to take action this month?  Visit our facebook page and let us know, then subscribe to our site and join our social network so you don’t miss anything new!