Why the Teal Pumpkins you ask?

This is an awareness campaign. It’s as much about symbolism, thoughtfulness, and emotional support as anything else.
Teal Pumpkins are quickly becoming as easily recognized for food allergy awareness as a multi-colored puzzle piece is for autism or a pink ribbon for breast cancer.


When you see a teal colored pumpkin any time of year, food allergy families hope you’ll take a moment to pause and remember the kids whose everyday lives are spooked by the fear of accidentally coming into contact with commonly eaten foods that can put their lives at immediate risk and the hope they have for improved management, treatment, and eventually a cure for their disease.

Of course, moms of kids with food allergies have and still will create their own alternative traditions to keep their kids safe and included on Halloween, like scavenger hunts and Switch Witches, but teal pumpkins send a message and tell a story. They start conversations and remind us that there is more going on in the world than what we face or deal with in our own individual lives.
Teal pumpkins help create unity and encourage us to think sincerely about others before ourselves. Nobody is expected or required to participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project, but when you do, you send a heartwarming message that you care and we love you for it!

But on Halloween, it’s not just about the kids with food allergies. Kids affected by diabetes, autism, celiac disease, childhood obesity, or on other special diets also benefit from non-food options when trick or treating.
And let’s not forget that when parents see their kids return home with heavy bags full of loot, they may be a little grateful to discover that not all of it will be contributing to a month-long sugar coma… perhaps their kids will consume just a little bit less sugar this year!

So the next time you see a teal pumpkin, remember the bigger picture of what this is all about. You might even choose to make a donation to our cause in honor of the answers food allergy families seek every day.  And if you choose simply to take the pledge, you’ll be joining over 100,000 other families committing to create a safer, happier Halloween for all by choosing to offer non-food treats for trick-or-treaters this year.
Thank you for your positive support!