SwtichcraftedTealOur child with food allergies turns three this year and when the season began (before we learned about Switchcrafted and the Teal Pumpkin Project), we weren’t quite sure what our approach to trick or treating on Halloween would be this season.

Last year, our son was young enough to not really notice that he wasn’t collecting candy at every door or that his big brother got an extra piece on his behalf but this year, he will definitely notice.  And even if we let him collect the candy that is not safe for him, he’s going to be pretty disappointed when we take the majority of his spoils away from him on Halloween night.

With the Teal Pumpkin Project taking off this year, we are of course more hopeful than last but we know there will still be plenty of houses with nothing but unsafe candy for our son, which is why we were quick to reach out to the crafty staff at Switchcrafted when we first saw their adorable storybook and gift set.


They graciously accepted our proposal and before we knew it, our own little Switchcrafted package was on it’s way for us to review.


The book is cute and fun and in a few short words explains a lot of important information about Switch Witches:

  1. They need candy to fuel their magical powers.
  2. They don’t eat the candy (just use it for fuel).
  3. They can’t get the candy by going trick or treating themselves.
  4. If you leave candy for a Switch Witch, it’s ok to keep some for yourself, too (as long as mom or dad make sure it’s safe first, of course).
  5. You can name your Witch.
  6. You can write a letter to your Witch, but you don’t have to.
  7. She watches you all month long to decide if you’ve been naughty or nice.
  8. Your Witch only switches your candy for toys if you’ve been good.

TeachingAbout CandyPower

It only took about four minutes to read the book start to finish (add in another minute or two if you pause to admire the adorable artwork), was entertaining for me and captured the attention of my children (ages 8 and 3) quite well.  The entire book is written in the form of one big rhyming poem.  Kids always respond well to rhyming words in storybooks and I really enjoyed the fun and clever writing.

I felt a lot like I was reading a long time classic like “The Night Before Christmas” and I’m pretty sure there is a new tradition brewing in our household… say, for a very special book to be read every October 1st?

The Witch itself is adorable.  You can’t resist smiling back at her friendly face and she looks very stylish with the striped tights and cute Switchcrafted logo on her bodice and hat.  She has a small piece of velcro on her hands so she can clasp around and hang in a variety of places and her cute little legs dangle nicely from any shelf.


Of course, an essential part of the gift set is the nicely branded bag to hold all the loot for the Switch Witch to collect on Halloween night (gotta love the stylish, yet simple logo)!


The quality of the overall product is nothing short of impressive.  We know this gift set will see us though the years well and we even liked the fun packaging it came in.


In addition, Switchcrafted has some fun bonus information on their website like:

  1. The opportunity to register and write a letter to your Witch (who might even write you back).
  2. FAQ’s to help you explain various details about your Witch to your child.
  3. Additional information about the names and personalities of the other Switch Witches in the story.
  4. Videos, games, and activities.
  5. Links to websites that help you find a good place to send the candy you’ve switched out.

Of course, our kids are already brainstorming names for our Switch Witch and are very excited to welcome her to the family.


And you know what the best part about it all is?  I don’t have to feel guilty anymore about not having an elf on the shelf! (The Christmas season is just far too busy, especially with all the extra food prep that goes on with food allergies for me to worry about maintaining that little guy, too!)

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