Easter is just around the corner and for a lot of families, that means a special visit from the Easter Bunny.


If you’re a food allergy parent, you’ll need to start planning now to make special arrangements (a.k.a. online ordering and shipping) for allergy safe treats to fill your little one’s Easter basket.

We’ve been out searching for some of our favorite allergy friendly Easter treats and are excited to share with you some great finds all free from all of the top 8 food allergens.


YumEarth2Yum Earth

We love it when brands are transparent about their ingredients and provide easy to read charts like this one from Yum Earth.  They sent us some delicious organic Gummy Bears to try and I had to hide them from the kids because they wouldn’t stop asking for more.  The real fruit juice inside is amazing and we really loved these treats (my favorite is the Mango flavor… very juicy)!


Amanda'sOwnAmanda’s Own

We’ve been wanting to try Amanda’s Own chocolates for quite some time now and what better way than in the form of these adorable chocolate bunnies?  Can you believe they are actually free from all of the top 8 food allergens?  Each member of my family was able to sample one of these bunnies and they all agreed, this chocolate is the closest to a “milk” chocolate we’ve had so far and definitely our new favorite.  If you’re not a dark or semi sweet chocolate kind of person and you’ve been looking for sweet vegan chocolate that is also soy free, I’d highly recommend Amanda’s Own.


SurfSweetsSurf Sweets

Surf Sweets is an allergy friendly standby and we really enjoyed making cute, organic candy Easter Baskets and Jelly Bean Bark using Surf Sweets candies and Pascha Chocolate.  We then took things a step further and baked the bark inside of a soft butter cookie… watch for our recipe later this week.  YUM!


PaschaPascha Chocolate

Have you tried Pascha Chocolate yet?  If not, I have two words for you: creamy heaven.  We prefer the 55% cacao ourselves, but this is coming from a family who really does not like dark chocolate much, so the less cacao the better.  Not only is Pascha Chocolate top 8 allergen free, it’s also certified organic, vegan, and non-GMO.  You should check out their creative chocolate bar flavors, too!


Talk for Me Tees

My kids always love finding non-food treats in their Easter baskets, too, and one of my favorite memories from Easter morning as a kid was digging through all that grass (eating loose jelly beans along the way) to find what was hidden beneath it all in the bottom of my basket.  It was usually a clothing item of some kind and what wouldn’t be more appropriate for your food allergy kid than one of these adorable t-shirts from Talk for Me Tees?!


Since we know it can get pretty expensive to fill a basket with these specialty goodies, we’ve put together a giveaway to help you out! So go ahead and enter to win below and don’t forget that you can save even more money by making your own Easter treats at home as well!

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We’d like to thank each of the brands mentioned for donating allergy friendly products for this review and giveaway and wish you all a safe, healthy, and happy Easter holiday!

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